2015 is the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Harrison, NJ, and it is a year for some grand celebrations. During this celebration year, the Town of Harrison is working with the Harrison Fest Committee together to develop a number of events and programs for the town. One of the first projects being developed is the establishment of lamppost banners that will tell everyone passing through our downtown of the 175th anniversary. Your firm has the opportunity of being recognized as a prominent supporter of this project and having your corporate name printed on 30 lamp post banners throughout the downtown of Harrison.

These banners (18” x 36”) will include a design produced by the town along with your company’s name. They will be displayed throughout the summer and fall seasons on the traditional lampposts along Harrison Avenue and Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. The price for this sponsorship is $3500.00 for all 30 banners or $1750.00 for 15 of them. The first company to commit to the full amount or two companies to commit to being half sponsors will be accepted. The sooner your company recognizes the value of the visibility of these banners – the sooner they will be produced, the longer they will be on display, and the more visibility of your name will be generated.

If you are interested in being the sponsor of these lamppost banners for the town, please call (973) 268-2706 to discuss, or send this application with your check to: Harrison Fest Committee, P.O. Box 509, Harrison, NJ 07029 as soon as possible. The sooner you respond, the longer your lamppost banners will be displayed.

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