Lamp post banners will be going up across the Town of Harrison announcing the town's 175th Anniversary of its founding.  The Lamp post banners will contain the 175th Anniversary Harrison Town Seal which was designed by Jia Wen (Karen) Zheng, the 2015 Harrison High School Valedictorian.  Zheng was asked whether she could draw the seal by Councilman Anselmo Millan who is also the President of the Harrison Fest Committee which has joined the Mayor and Council to organize, plan and run the events surrounding the 175th Anniversary.

As Zheng will freely admit, she felt ill equipped at first to tackle the task but soon realized that with a little research and input from Councilman Millan that she could incorporate Harrison's past and it bright future in a new town seal.  Thus, the 175th Anniversary Town of Harrison Seal was sketched and subsequently incorporated into the Lamp post banners.