The Portuguese American Community Center, Centro Romeu Cascaes, announced its participation in the 175th Anniversary Harrison Fest by hanging a banner and sending out a Newsletter to its membership.  The banner directs folks to the official website of Harrison Fest Committee Inc.  and we thank them for the kind gesture.  The Portuguese aren't the only ones participating in the 175th Anniversary festivities.  We have twenty six different countries represented in our Multi-cultural Parade and Street Fest. Anyone wanting to taste a Portuguese Sardine flown in from Portugal and "barbecued" just right, come to Harrison Fest 2015 and stop by the Patterson Street Basketball courts on the corner of Patterson and Harrison Avenue.  If you aren't a Sardine fan, there is "febras" (pork sandwiches) and Portuguese style barbecue chicken as well.  Bring the family because across the street there will be children carnival rides.  On Harrison Portugal Day folks come from miles around to pick up a dozen Sardines to bring home to family and friends.  There will be tables to sit at so you don't have to trek home before tasting the food.  You might even run into Harrison Mayor James A. Fife who is a huge fan of Portuguese sardines.  Sardines are full of Omegas and Calcium and are one of the world's healthiest foods.  Read more about them at this link. Remember the sardines at the Harrison Fest are not canned but whole sardines, the way they eat them in Portugal.  If you like canned Sardines, you will be floored by the Portuguese Sardine which is too big to fit in a can.  Come early because there is a limited supply of Sardines and when they are finished there aren't anymore until Harrison Portugal Day in June of 2016 and you don't want to wait that long.