Harrison 175th Anniversary Parade Route along Harrison Avenue depicted in Orange.  Sections of Streets Highlighted in Red will be closed on Saturday and Sunday during the Street Festival.  Joseph Supor Boulevard depicted in Blue will be closed temporarily for Parade Assembly between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to allow for the assembly of the parade and for it's kickoff.  Once the Parade kicks off Harrison avenue at Franklin Avenue will be shut down to allow for the Parade to go down Harrison Avenue.  Once the last participant goes past Davis Avenue on Harrison Avenue, Harrison Avenue will be closed at Davis Avenue and traffic must make a right onto Davis Avenue.  Harrison Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Davis Avenue will be re-open and remain open during the Street Festival.

Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard will remain open to vehicular traffic with a Police Officer officer insuring that both drivers and pedestrian obey the traffic signal and police officer directions.  The intersection of Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard and Harrison Avenue may close for extended periods of time once the Harrison 175th Anniversary Parade kicks off at 12 noon.

The above map is courtesy of Google Maps and has been edited to add the colors.  All rights reserved by Google.  We just couldn't figure out how to embed the Google map while providing the color guide so we copied the Google Map image and did some some Photoshop editing.

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