The LusoAmericano, a Portuguese-American Newspaper, ran a full page story in its September 23, 2015 edition on Harrison's 175th Anniversary celebration and the Parade on Saturday.  They got a great shot of the United States Marines Color Guard and Marines Marching down Harrison Avenue; of the Queens including the Queen representing Portugal Catia Alves on the Queens Float; of the Camponeses do Minho Rancho originally from Harrison but now at the Portuguese Sports Club in Newark; the Groupo de Bombos Os Rouxinois from the Casa do Minho and the line of dignitaries marching including Councilman Anselmo Millan, John M. Pinho, Esq., and Monica Miquens, Coordinator of Harrison Fest Committee.  One of the nice statements contained in the article accompanying the pictures was the statement that Harrison's Parade was so good it is something other towns should emulate.  Thank you Ricky Duraes for such a nice compliment.  We do think it was an excellent parade.

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