Outfront Media is a member of the Harrison community and it has continued its support of the greater Harrison community by having its artist create some very beautiful Electronic Billboard Advertisements to spread the word that Harrison Fest's United Nations Pageant will be held on Friday, September 15th, 2017 and our Street Festival and Parade will be held on Saturday, September 23 and 24th.    Three years ago OutFront media converted its billboard overlooking Route 280 in Harrison from a traditional (static) billboard to an electronic billboard.  The billboard went live shortly thereafter and coincided with Harrison Fest 2015.  Outfront Media was nice enough to produce and display advertisements on short notice.

OutFront Media has once again designed and offered to display information about our events to get the word out about our United Nations Gala Pageant, our Parade, and our Street Fair events.  There are three distinct Harrison Fest 2017 advertisements.  So take a look. A big Thank You for OutFront Media for your support.  The Route 280 location is ideal for running an Advertisement with the traffic traveling on Route 280 and coming into Harrison off the exit ramp.  If you are interested in having Outfront create a Billboard advertisement for you visit their website for additional information www.OutfrontMedia.com