A little over 400 people attended the Harrison Fest 2016 Queens United Nations Gala dinner last Friday night at the Holy Cross Banquet Hall. Twenty five Queens were scheduled to attend but two were unable to attend.  If everything works out, all Twenty five Queens will be at the Harrison Fest 2016 International Parade on Saturday, September 17, 2016 kicking off at 12 Noon.

The Queens Gala Dinner also honored Veteran of the Year, Edwin G. Marshman; Grand Marshall of Harrison Fest 2016, Albert J. Cifelli; Jr. Grand Marshall, singer Adiel Torres; Business Woman of the Year, Laurie Ann Valente of Harrison Cab Company; Businessman of the Year, Antonio Valente Silva of Silva Construction & Demolition; Man of the Year, Michael Fernandez of the Spanish Pavillion; Padrino Internacional, Jaime Pardo; Senior of the Year, Joan Finnerty; Woman of the Year, Fernanda Batel and the Family of the Year, The Alday Family.

The Master of Ceremony was Marleny Cruz and the Queens Coordinator & Coach was Marggiori Patrizia Salas, Gala Decorator was Juana Bravo Carpio of Edevents Party NJ, Cake and Pastry Designer, Binicio Salas.  Performing were Gennesie Zuniga and Melvin Araujo, Marinera Performers and Dancers and Adiel Torres (Jr. Grand Marshall) a Musician and Singer.

The Queens were as follows: Gisselle D'Ambrogio (Argentina), Chloe Magliotti (Brazil), Khaisee Marquez (Chile), Kelly Zheng (China), Pamela Rodriguez* (Colombia), Sade Jimenez (Cuba), Luz Montan (Dominican Republic), Denisse Calderon (Ecuador), Savannah Monterrosa (El Salvador) Layla Barakat (Egypt), Luisa Grunauer (Germany), Samantha Ortiz (Guatemala), Mayela Margarita Lopez Sierra (Honduras), Kiran Kainth (India), Alexi Shelley (Ireland), Silvana Tejada Federici* (Italy), Katie Esteves (Japan), Rosa Orzuna (Mexico), Hiba Adina (Morocco), Izayana Mendoza (Nicaragua), Allison Marquez (Peru), Sylwia Kolodziej (Poland), Diane Costa (Portugal), Gabriella Lopez (Puerto Rico), and Karla Vasquez (Spain).

Some pictures of the Gala Dinner are available on our Gala Queens 2016 page click here.

* Indicates did not attend Gala Dinner.

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