The forecast says it will be 75 degrees and Sunny tomorrow at 12 Noon as the Harrison Fest 2016 Parade kicks off from Joseph Supor Boulvard down Harrison Avenue.  There are close to 70 different organizations participating including Marching Bands, Dancers, Musicians, our Queens, Cheerleaders, Youth Sports Teams, Antique Cars, many Civic Organizations some with Folkloric dancers, Harrison Police Department, Hudson County Sheriff's Department, Harrison Fire Department, East Newark Fire Department and Kearny Fire Department, and elected officials from Local, County, State and Federal government.

For those assembling for the Parade on Supor Blvd.  Look at our Map by clicking here.  Assembly begins at 10 a.m. but if your early you can grab breakfast at some of the local restaurants / deli along Harrison Avenue a short walk from Supor Blvd.  Yes... you can go to Burger King as well which is on the corner of Harrison Avenue and Supor Blvd.